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List benefits applicable to all programs:

    • Develop industry-standard skills
    • Learn from experienced professionals
    • Build a strong portfolio
    • Gain career guidance and support


2d animation

1-Year Diploma in 3D Animation

Step into the world of 3D! Master character creation, rigging, animation, and visual effects.

3 Months of Training in Video Editing

Transform raw footage into captivating stories. Learn the essentials of video editing for various media.

Graduation cap & animation element

Fast-track your career with a job-oriented B.VOC diploma in animation.

1-Year Diploma in Visual Effects

Learn from industry professionals and gain the practical skills you need to succeed in the animation and VFX industry.

3D Animation Techniques

6 Months Industrial Training in Visual Effects

Gain invaluable real-world experience through our 6-month industry training program.

2d animation

1-year Diploma in 2D Animation

Bring hand-drawn magic to life! Learn the fundamentals of 2D animation, character design, and storytelling.

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