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Visual Effects

Northern School of Animation captivates with stunning visual effects, blending realism and imagination seamlessly.

From spellbinding landscapes to dynamic character animation, every frame is a masterpiece. Students harness cutting-edge technology to craft immersive worlds, where every detail sparkles with creativity.

Discover the magic of visual effects (VFX) compositing at the Northern School of Animation! Learn industry-standard software like Nuke and Adobe After Effects to create stunning effects for film, television, and advertising. Dive into the world of VFX with us!

Visit Northern School of Animation to discover the wonders of Rotoscopy. Enrol in our specialised course to learn how to trace live-action video frame by frame. Discover how to make accurate mattes for character animation, visual effects, other applications.

Explore Northern School Of Animation’s Vfx Match Move. Our In-depth Course Teaches You How To Expertly Use Computer-generated Imagery (Cgi) in live-action Film. While Learning Tracking Techniques, Get Proficient With Industry-standard Software Like PFTrack.

Rotomation at Northern School of Animation. Learn to blend animation with live-action footage for seamless integration. Gain skills in motion tracking, character animation, and compositing. Launch your career in VFX and animation with hands-on training.


At Northern School of Animation, immerse yourself in the world of CGI. Learn to create stunning computer-generated imagery using industry-standard software like Maya and Blender—texturing, lighting, and rendering techniques to bring your imagination to life.

Northern School of Animation introduces VFX Simulations, You’ll learn to generate realistic effects like explosions, fire, and more using software such as Houdini and RealFlow. Master simulation techniques and integrate them seamlessly into your projects.

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