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At Northern School of Animation, we offer comprehensive Rotoscopy courses where you’ll learn to breathe life into animation through tracing live-action footage. Led by industry experts, our program equips you with the skills needed for a successful career in animation. Join us and unlock your potential in this exciting field!

Curriculum Highlights

  • Introduction to Rotoscopy

    • Understanding the origins and evolution of Rotoscopy in animation and filmmaking.
    • Exploring the significance of Rotoscopy in modern animation pipelines and visual effects workflows.
  • Principles of Tracing

    • Learning the fundamental principles of tracing live-action footage frame by frame.
    • Practicing techniques for maintaining consistency and accuracy throughout the tracing process.
  • Motion Analysis and Observation

    • Developing skills in observing and analyzing motion dynamics in live-action sequences.
    • Studying various types of movements, such as human locomotion, gestures, and object interactions.
  • Digital Tools and Software Proficiency

    • Mastering the use of industry-standard digital tools and software for Rotoscopy, including Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, and SilhouetteFX.
    • Understanding the functionalities of digital drawing tablets and their application in Rotoscopy workflows.
  • Integration with Animation

    • Exploring methods for seamlessly integrating Rotoscoped elements with other animation techniques, such as keyframe animation and motion capture.
    • Understanding the importance of continuity and visual coherence in combining Rotoscopy with traditional animation.
  • Character Rotoscopy

    • Practicing Rotoscopy techniques specifically tailored to character animation.
    • Focusing on capturing nuances in character movement, facial expressions, and body language.
  • Background Reconstruction

    • Learning strategies for reconstructing backgrounds and environments to complement Rotoscoped characters.
    • Utilizing matte painting techniques and digital compositing to enhance visual storytelling.
  • Quality Assurance and Refinement

    • Implementing quality control measures to ensure the accuracy and consistency of Rotoscoped sequences.
    • Refining Rotoscoped animations through iterative feedback and revision processes.
  • Project-Based Learning

    • Engaging in hands-on projects that simulate real-world Rotoscopy scenarios and challenges.
    • Applying learned techniques to create Rotoscoped sequences of varying complexity, from simple motion studies to full animation scenes.
  • Industry Insights and Portfolio Development

    • Exploring career opportunities and industry trends within the animation and visual effects sectors.
    • Building a professional Rotoscopy portfolio showcasing skills, creativity, and attention to detail.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the Rotoscopy course at the Northern School of Animation are prepared for a variety of exciting career opportunities, including:


Rotoscope Artist

Visual Effects Artist

Animation Studio Technician

Motion Capture Specialist

Film and Television Production

Gaming Industry

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