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Learn from industry professionals and master software like Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, and Autodesk Maya. Whether you’re interested in character design, storytelling, or special effects, our courses provide hands-on training to turn your creative vision into captivating animations. Join us and embark on an exciting journey into the world of animation!

Northern School of Animation’s Visual Effects Course offers hands-on learning in CGI, compositing, Rotoscopy, Match move, Simulations. Led by industry professionals, explore cutting-edge software and unleash your creativity to bring imagination to life on screen. Start your journey in animation with us today!

Northern School of Animation offers comprehensive courses in both 2D and 3D animation, equipping students with essential skills in software proficiency. With hands-on training and industry-focused curriculum, graduates emerge ready for diverse roles in animation studios, film production, and beyond.

Discover the art of video editing with Northern School of Animation’s comprehensive course. Dive into industry-standard software, learn advanced techniques, and master the creative process from start to finish. Gain hands-on experience and unlock your potential in the dynamic world of visual storytelling.

Explore the dynamic realm of graphic design with Northern School of Animation’s immersive course. Unleash your creativity as you learn essential design principles, industry-standard software, and innovative techniques. From concept to execution, embark on a journey to bring captivating visuals to life.

Northern School of Animation’s Motion Graphics course is your gateway to dynamic storytelling. Dive into software mastery and animation techniques, crafting captivating visuals from start to finish. Learn from industry experts and unleash your creativity in this immersive exploration of motion graphic design. 

Northern School of Animation’s Color Correction course empowers you to master the art of enhancing visuals. Explore advanced techniques in color grading, balancing, and manipulation using industry-standard software. Elevate your projects with expert knowledge and, refining your skills.

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