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Colour Correction Course

At the Northern School of Animation, our Colour Correction course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance the visual quality of digital images and video footage through colour grading and correction techniques. Through hands-on training with industry-standard software and practical projects, students will learn how to manipulate colour, contrast, and brightness to achieve the desired aesthetic and mood in their projects.

Course Curriculum:

1. Introduction to Colour Theory

  • Understanding the fundamentals of colour theory: hue, saturation, and brightness.
  • Colour models and colour spaces: RGB, CMYK, and HSL.
  • Psychological effects of colour and its impact on visual storytelling.

2. Colour Correction Fundamentals

  • Introduction to colour correction software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Primary colour correction: adjusting exposure, white balance, and contrast.
  • Secondary colour correction: targeted adjustments using masks and selections.

3. Colour Grading Techniques

  • Creative colour grading for stylistic effects and visual storytelling.
  • Creating mood and atmosphere through colour.
  • Matching colours across multiple clips for consistency.

4. Advanced Colour Correction

  • Understanding scopes and waveforms for precise colour analysis.
  • Using LUTs (Look-Up Tables) for quick colour grading and stylization.
  • Advanced colour grading techniques for specific genres and styles.

5. HDR and Wide Colour Gamut

  • Understanding High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) technologies.
  • Techniques for grading HDR and WCG content.
  • Delivering content in HDR and WCG formats.

6. Project-Based Learning

  • Hands-on colour correction projects covering various types of footage (e.g., narrative, documentary, commercial).
  • Collaborative projects with other students.
  • Portfolio development showcasing student work.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the Colour Correction course at the Northern School of Animation are prepared for a variety of exciting career opportunities, including:


Video Editor

Post-production Supervisor

Visual Effects Artist


Colour Grading Technician

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