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Discover the magic of Rotomation at Northern School of Animation, where imagination meets technology. Our Rotomation program offers students a dynamic blend of traditional animation techniques with cutting-edge digital innovation. Through hands-on training and expert guidance, students learn to breathe life into characters and scenes like never before. Join us and unleash your creativity in the exciting world of Rotomation

Curriculum Highlights

Introduction to Rotomation:

Understanding the concept, significance, and applications of Rotomation in various industries.

Principles of Robotics and Automation:

Exploring foundational concepts such as kinematics, dynamics, control systems, and sensors relevant to Rotomation.

Rotomation Components:

Study of essential components including rotary actuators, motors, gearboxes, sensors, and controllers used in Rotomation systems.

Types of Rotomation Systems:

Examination of single-axis and multi-axis rotary motion systems, along with their respective functionalities and applications.

Programming and Control:

Hands-on experience in programming Rotomation systems using languages like Python, C/C++, or specialized robotic programming languages.

Advanced Motion Control Techniques:

In-depth exploration of trajectory planning, PID control, and motion profiling techniques used in Rotomation.

Integration with Industrial Processes:

Understanding how Rotomation systems integrate with industrial processes to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Safety Protocols and Standards:

Emphasizing safety measures, risk assessment, and compliance with safety standards in Rotomation environments.

Case Studies and Applications:

Analysis of real-world applications and case studies showcasing the effectiveness of Rotomation in industries like manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare.

Emerging Trends and Future Directions:

Discussion of cutting-edge developments such as collaborative robotics, machine learning, and Industry 4.0, and their impact on the future of Rotomation.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the Rotomation course at the Northern School of Animation are prepared for a variety of exciting career opportunities, including:

Rotomation Engineer

Controls Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Automation Technician

Research and Development Specialist

Quality Assurance Engineer

Product Manager

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