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VFX Match Move

At Northern School of Animation, become an expert in VFX Match Move. Accurately tracking camera motions will teach you how to smoothly incorporate computer-generated features into live-action film. With the help of our practical course, you will learn how to use industry-standard programmes like PFTrack and SynthEyes, enabling you to produce breathtaking visual effects for films, TV shows and more.

Curriculum Highlights

Introduction to VFX Match Move
  • Understanding the role and importance of Match Move in visual effects.
  • Overview of camera tracking techniques and their applications.
Fundamentals of Camera Tracking
  • Learning to track features and points in live-action footage.
  • Solving camera motion and calculating camera parameters accurately.
Software Proficiency: PFTrack
  • Getting familiar with the PFTrack interface and workflow.
  • Tracking features, markers, and objects using PFTrack.
Software Proficiency: SynthEyes
    • Introduction to SynthEyes software and its functionalities.
    • Tracking and solving camera motion efficiently with SynthEyes.
Advanced Camera Tracking Techniques
    • Handling challenging footage such as motion blur and lens distortion.
    • Refining tracks and minimizing errors in camera motion estimation.
Integration of CG Elements
    • Matching computer-generated elements with live-action footage.
    • Adjusting lighting, shading, and perspective for seamless integration.
Project-based Learning
    • Applying camera tracking skills to real-world VFX projects.
    • Integrating CG elements into live-action scenes effectively.
  • Industry Insights and Career Opportunities

    • Understanding the role of Match Move in the VFX pipeline.
    • Exploring career paths and trends in the VFX industry.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the 3D course at the Northern School of Animation are prepared for a variety of exciting career opportunities, including:

Match Move Artist

VFX Compositor

3D Tracker

CG Supervisor

VFX Producer

Technical Director

Animation Director

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