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2D Animation

Welcome to the 2D Animation course at the Northern School of Animation, where we combine traditional techniques with modern digital tools to create captivating and expressive animations.

 Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, our program is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the world of 2D animation.

Curriculum Highlights

Introduction to Animation

Students will be introduced to the history and evolution of animation, understanding the basic principles of motion and storytelling.


Learn to create 3D models using industry-standard software such as Autodesk Maya or Blender. Understand techniques for creating both organic and inorganic models.

Texturing and Shading

Explore the art of texturing and shading to add realism and depth to your 3D models. Learn about UV mapping, material creation, and procedural texturing techniques.


Master the art of rigging, the process of creating skeletons and controls for 3D models, essential for animating characters and objects realistically.

Animation Principles

Delve deeper into animation principles such as squash and stretch, anticipation, and follow-through. Understand how to breathe life into your characters through movement.

Lighting and Rendering

Learn to set up lights and render scenes effectively to achieve desired moods and atmospheres. Explore rendering techniques and optimization for final output.

Special Effects

Discover techniques for adding special effects such as particles, dynamics, and simulations to enhance the visual appeal of your animations.

Project Work

Apply the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course to complete a series of hands-on projects, culminating in a final portfolio piece that showcases your proficiency in 3D animation.

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Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the 2D course at the Northern School of Animation are prepared for a variety of exciting career opportunities, including:

  • Animation Studios
  • Film and Television Production Companies
  • Gaming Industry
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Freelance Opportunities

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